Flavors And Fragnances

We house a diverse portfolio of flavours and fragrances, including a wide range of essential oils, spice oils and its derivatives commonly used in the food and cosmetic industry. As an industry veteran, various in-demand flavours and fragrances are readily available for shipping.

Essential oils

Menthol and Allied products

We specialize in menthol based products , here is the list of products we can offer :

Product Specification
Mentha Aevensis Oil L-menthol NLT 72% TMC
Menthol Bold Crystals (USP/BP/IP Natural) L-menthol 99.6%
Menthol Medium Crystals (USP/BP/IP Natural) L-menthol 99.3%
Menthol Flakes /Powder Dry L-Menthol 98.5%
Peppermint Oil (Mentha Piperita Oil/Peppermint Piperita Oil) Menthofuran from 1.5% to 8%
Mentha Spearmint Oil Natural L-Carvons 55%
Mentha Spearmint Oil Natural L-Carvons 65%