Nutraceuticals and Phytochemicals

Use of Nutraceuticals and Phytochemicals is a healthy growing product trend, and we serve in the interest of better health by delivering plant-based phytochemicals and nutraceuticals of the highest purity. We offer products within the quality standards prescribed by USP., Eur., Ph., and JP.

Name of Phytochemicals Source Standardization
Andrographaloid Andrographis Paniculata Leaves Andrographoloid 98%
Calcium salt of Hydroxy citric acid Garcinia cambogia fruit 50 and 60%
4 HIL Trigonella foenum greacum seeds 20 and 40%
Bacosides Bacopa monnieri Bacosides 50% by USP
Chlorogenic acid Coffea robusta Chlorogenic acid 60%
Curcumin Curcuma longa Total Curcumanoids NLT 95%
MAG (Mono ammonium glycerrhizinate) Glycyrrhiza glabra MAG NLT 95%
Piperin Piper nigrum Piperin NLT 95%